Heres to New Beginnings

I always imagined moving back to the South Island as something of a emotional affair and even before we moved back I had plans to vlog our move from Day 1 of the packing as well as the trip down.  There was also going to be lots of picture taking and where would you be without that child like excitement (of which there was heaps!) and I would be shouting Yaay! at the top of my lungs the moment the first set of snow-capped mountains came into view.  Funny, how it ended up being an inward affair but my jaw dropped and I did do the ‘wide-eye with wonder‘ thing when the first set of mountains presented themselves.  And it was a most magical moment, one I captured sitting in the passenger seat of the car as we drove along.

Kaikoura Ranges - © Maryanne Carman 2010

I never realised just how much I actually missed being in the South Island.  Oh I spoke of it every now and then with my friends in Maungaturoto on our weekly morning coffee get-togethers but it never really sunk in until we rounded this one particular corner and voila!, there was the Kaikoura Ranges in all their resplendent glory donning the white cap.  Even Bryan was blown away by the sight which is saying something (lol).  It doesn’t matter how many times you see something like that, it just never gets old.  I thought it was just the cold I missed but as it turned out it was everything about the South, the cold was just a small part of the whole.

Kaikoura Ranges - © Maryanne Carman 2010

Kaikoura is a spectacular place especially with the Ranges over-looking the town – we pulled over and enjoyed a road-side Mocha to go and some Bueno Chocolate and then carried on our merry way.  We didn’t really have time to do any detours and as we were on a kind of deadline to get to Christchurch by Monday, the relaxation trip we had planned to Hamner Springs had to take a back seat and was marred by closed roads anyway so we just carried on to our new home.

It was a pretty hectic first week when we arrived, which saw us buying up a storm on Trademe (bless them!) and replacing everything we had sold up North, driving from one end of Christchurch to the other picking up stuff, by nightfall we were just hammered.  We spent one night on the floor in the lounge and I was so damn happy that we were picking up our bed the next day and we only had to endure one night of it because man…it just sucked!

We are on week 3 in our new home and we are slowly getting some normality back into our lives.  The girls have started their new school and have made friends and have settled in quite nicely, which is a bit of a shock because we thought they would do the opposite but…they have proven us wrong and we are glad to see them adapt to their new surroundings so quickly.  Bryan has started work and to be honest, I have never seen him so completely relaxed and about as stress free as a man can possibly be.  I can only say it’s awesome.

So here’s to new beginnings, new experiences, new people, new friends and all that good stuff.

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