I am me.  That is the sum and total of who I am.  If I wasn’t me I would be a complete stranger even to myself.  I’m a mother, web designer, digital artist and a lover of the written word. I’m also a partner, friend and enemy to many.  I live with my family in Christchurch at the arse end of the world in ‘Lord of the Rings‘ land, New Zealand.  And no, I haven’t seen any hobbits or Orcs lately – they don’t really come to the city that much.

I’m passionate about most things I engage in – I’m like most people…I adore shiny new things, chocolate, meeting new people, traveling to different parts of this har country, chocolate, hanging out with my family and friends, drinking copious amounts of glorious coffee and oh…did I mention chocolate?  Mostly I just like to enjoy life.  Life is after-all, meant to be enjoyed no?

I’m a creative and this here is my space, my place of zen, my spot where I can scribble down a story or two and share them with the world.