Much Ado About Nothing

I’m one of those people that have tried like forever to get the blogging thing right and have managed to suck real bad at it.  Friends were the reason I joined the blogosphere, their siren songs of fame and fortune, riches beyond my wildest dreams luring me into a false sense of security.  No I’m just kidding, but friends were the reason I jumped on the blog band-wagon and you know… at the time, it seemed like a good idea.  Even now, it still sounds like a good idea.

Finding that ever elusive blogging voice as it was so aptly put by some woman, in a forum, on some website, has been my own kind of personal hell.   One where I swear to God I am done with, so I delete the bastard blog that has become the pain in my ass only to go and start-up another a couple of months later, then delete that one as well, likes its some kind of dirty secret or something.  Yeah I admit I have this unhealthy relationship with the delete button and things tend to disappear all over the show when I start working my fu.

Seeing how I’m like on my 9th blog and have had it for more than six months now – I feel I’m edging closer to finally gaining my very own blogging voice.  Given I will still be one voice amongst millions all screaming LOOK AT ME!!  READ ME GODDAMN YOU!! I’m pretty confident I can work some magic to get people to take a sneak peek and if not I’m sure the promise of gifts will attract some suck, I mean…some would-be readers to this har blog and become loyal readers of the Mostly Words Fellowship.  God…in a perfect world *sigh*

So a bloggers voice.  A few more posts and hopefully I will have found the voice to rule all voices and if not I guess I can always fall back on the gifts pitch and maybe chuck in some money for good measure.  Nothing like a bit of spare change incentive to lure the numbers in 😀

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