Long Walk in Sunlight


“There is no such thing as love.”

Simeon leveled his gaze at the half-naked man who stood to the right of him.  Jason stood staring at Simeon in disbelief with his mouth slightly open.

“How can you even say. .”
“Enough. You bore me with your droll human sentiments.”
“I was merely try. .”
“I said enough. Do not mock my authority, you will find my gentle nature has its
limits. Now go from my sight before your very presence starts to offend me.”

The man felt his strange lovers eyes cut through him like glass and left the room leaving Simeon alone. Darkness began to fill the space where Simeon’s lover once stood and a man, whose skin was the color of milk, stepped out. He breathed in the smell of honey as the man lay down behind him draping his arm over his waist.

“Simeon. Why do you cling to your toys like a sentimental child? Don’t you think its about time you discarded this one and found another?”

Simeon leaned back into the muscular body of the honey smelling man and felt the contours of his chest against his naked back. He closed his eyes as he felt the coolness of the others hand moving slowly up his body. Grabbing the hand he placed it back at his waist.

“Not today Matthias.”
“Very well, but I hope you realise how hurt my feelings are. I don’t take to well to rejection, least of all from you.”

Matthias lent forward and slid his tongue down the length of Simeon’s ear biting into the flesh. He felt his body shiver against him and he smiled.

“Time moves slowly for us Simeon, it is not the same for them. Their bodies are bound by their makers design and that design is flawed. You cannot keep him here like you have. It doesn’t serve our purpose.”

Simeon looked at the doorway and then around the room that him and his lover shared and felt the pangs of guilt settle in. It had only been eleven days since he had found him and gave his lover the choice – death or sanctuary. His lover had chosen sanctuary so he kissed his bleeding lips and pulled him into a world of the man’s making. In his world there was no pain, beeping machines or close calls. In his world there was only him and his lover who smelled of honey and whose hair was a mane of pure white gold.

Simeon drew aside the sheet and slid out of the bed and stood looking down at Matthias with a kind of sorrow in his eyes. Matthias stared back smiling as he took in the nakedness of his white skinned comrade and felt the lust begin to stir deep within. He frowned as his gaze swept over Simeon’s face to see a tear roll down his cheek and sparkle as light reflected off it. He had seen this time and time again, the diamond like tears that Simeon shed for his lovers each time he had to send them back. Matthias moved closer to him and took his hand.

“He will not be the last Simeon. There will always be more. We have the power to answer their prayers when he is no longer listening. It is because of us why they live, it is because of our kindness, not his.”
“They never remember, that’s why I cry. They never remember who we are. All they remember is just…sensations, cravings, a sense of déjà vu. They never remember us.”
“Send him back Simeon. Send him back to his body so he may live as an affront to our father and a reminder that it was more than just his body which has been defiled. He is a meat sack and they don’t deserve the light which has been given to them and retracted from us. You must send him back.”

Simeon raised the others hand to his mouth and kissed the delicate white knuckles, “As you wish.” Letting go of Matthias hand Simeon went in search of his lover and found him in the kitchen making breakfast humming to himself, so he leaned against the doorway and just watched.

“Shit! Simeon, you scared me. I was just making..” He looked at Simeon and noticed he was still naked. “God you’re so beautiful.”
Smiling, “God has nothing to do with it.”
“Um…I’m sorry, here I am staring at you like an idiot. Would you like something to eat?”
“No thanks, I’m fine.”

Simeon walked over to the kitchen bench, reached out his hand and touched the man’s face. His lover turned his head and kissed the inside of his hand and then pressed his cheek against it closing his eyes absorbing the contact.

“You have to go back, you can’t stay here anymore.”

Opening his eyes he looked at Simeon in confusion, “What? I…what did you just say”
“Shhhh. It’s time for you to go.”
“I…I don’t understand, you want me to go?”
“What, why? I thought we were…I don’t…Why?”
“I thought that was obvious.”
“What? Simeon, I…I don’t understand.”
“So you can live.”

Simeon watched his lover as the color drained from his body and his face contorted. He gripped onto the bench and drew in ragged breaths, then fell to the floor screaming, writhing in pain. Deep purple blotches began to appear on his torso and his face, his lips were no longer full and well formed but were now cracked and damaged. Blood began to flow from the cracks as he writhed on the floor and fought the pain that racked his body. His right eye was a bloody mess closed shut by swelling and his nose broken and battered.

He stepped round to where his lover lay on the floor, knelt down and held him, watching as the change took place. He leaned in close so he could hear him, “Do you want live or do you want to die?”

Gasping for air and straining against the pain that was assaulting his body he looked at Simeon through what could equate for his good eye and tried to speak.

“Pl…please. Help…me.”

He stroked the man’s hair, “Then answer me.  Do you want to live or do you want to die?”

Snorting in pain he spoke, “I want…to live. I want to live.”

Simeon smiled down at the beaten body of his former lover and kissed his bleeding lips tasting the saltiness of his blood as it seeped into his mouth. Drawing back and looking lovingly at the man he had known as Jason, he whispered, “Then live.”

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