The Portal

“Come hither my tasty morsel, step through the portal and release yourself from the mortal coils that bind you to your dismal existence.”

Gregory Thatch, rubbed his eyes then pinched himself to make sure he was awake.

“Who. . . .who are you? The woman simply smiled at him, and held out her hand.”

Gregory wanted desperately to reach out his hand and escape the world that had been nothing but cruel to him. Ever since he was a child the world had cast him aside like a piece of garbage, feeding him scraps and slivers of what could equate for happiness. Now as a man, nothing had changed for him, his life was full of failures, sorrow and pain. His marriage was its own kind of personal hell, his tormentor the very woman who vowed to love and cherish him. The one person he thought he could trust to love him unconditionally and without judgment.  How wrong he had been.

“I. . .I don’t know. I’m afraid. Will it hurt?”

“Do not be afraid Gregory Thatch, there is nothing to fear here.  No harm will befall you. Now take my hand.”

Gregory looked around him at a place that held no happy memories, a place he called his home and his prison. Nothing that his eyes laid themselves upon belonged to him.  Everything belonged to her, he just paid for it.  His mind struggled with the simplicity that all he had to do was reach out and take this woman’s hand.  He didn’t know who she was, let alone where she came from or if she was even real.  One thing was absolute in his mind though, she knew his name.  He licked his lips and searched her eyes for any treachery or deceit and found nothing but pure sincerity staring back.

Gregory dropped his head and began to cry.  Never before had he seen such truth in the eyes of another.  Never before had he seen such open sincerity.

‘Pray why do you cry? Does the thought of leaving behind your wretched life cause you sorrow? Would this not be a better place than this one you so long ago ceased to exist in?’

Gregory looked a the woman through his tears, his shoulders trembling.

“This can’t be real. Why? Why are you here? Why me?”

Unashamed of his tears he stepped closer to the portal.

“Please, I need to know. Why me?”

Stepping through the stone doorway that separated their worlds, the woman stood in front of Gregory, smiled, raised her hand and touched his face.

“Because you called to me Gregory Thatch.  You called and I came.  I have felt the depth of your pain and suffering in this world. And suffered long you have by the hands of those who were meant to protect you.  Instead they abandoned you to a life of misery without love.  Their treachery knows no bounds and as such, have shackled you to a torment far worse than death.  They’re poison has tainted your soul.   There will be no release. . .even in death.”

Fresh tears stained his face as the woman spoke, her words burning in his ears.  He wanted to turn his face away but she held it fast.  Had it come to this? Had he finally gone insane? His thoughts were interrupted by the woman’s voice.

“No Gregory Thatch, you are not mad and yes I am as real as you.  I have blood that runs through my veins as red as yours, I draw breath as easily as you and I am made of the very flesh that your body so yearns for.”

Looking into her pale green eyes, searching once more for any sign of deceit and still finding none, that was enough for Gregory.  He had made up his mind, she had made up his mind.  He took her hand and gently kissed the inside of her palm then placed it back on his face closing his eyes and relishing the contact.  With his eyes still shut he whispered to her.

“All this will stop?  All this. . .pain.  I won’t ever feel it again?”
She nodded her head
“Then I am yours.  Take me from this. . .this hell hole.  This loveless place.  Take me.”

Smiling to herself she took her hand from Gregory’s face and stepped away from him.  Raising her head with an air of regality she held out her hand and spoke.

‘So shall it be Gregory Thatch.  You have called and I have answered.  You are mine and forever you have given yourself.  Forever you shall remain no longer bound to this world that has chosen to discard you.  Take your place by my side, worship me and your life will be long, beautiful and full of love. Take my hand the man once known to mortals as Gregory Thatch.  Take my hand my love and let us depart this world without regret.’

Taking her hand, Gregory Thatch bowed his head, stepped through the portal and did not look back.


This short story I did in June 2009 and posted it on , &  The story was created from my own artwork which I used as an image prompt titled the ‘The Portal’ which you can view here. Registered & Protected


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